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How to deserialize a JSON String to Apex

String jsonText = '{"Data": {"attributes": {"type": "Contact","url":"/services/data/v35.0/sobjects/Contact/0036100000JUXKkAAP"},"Id": "0036100000JUXKkAAP","Description": "","LastName": "Testing"}}';

Map<String, Object> cObjMap = (Map<String, Object>) JSON.deserializeUntyped(jsonText);
String cObjJson = JSON.serialize(cObjMap.get('Data'));
// Why again :(
Map<String, Object> cObjMapFurious = (Map<String, Object>) JSON.deserializeUntyped(cObjJson);
String cObjJsonDrunk = JSON.serialize(cObjMapFurious);
    SObject customObject = (SObject)JSON.deserialize(cObjJsonDrunk, Sobject.class);
    System.debug(' Accomplished: '+customObject);
catch(Exception ex)
    System.debug(' @@@@@ Don't visible '+ex.getMessage());

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